Is to lead retreats with authenticity, providing highly qualified teachers, who can take you safely through a journey of transformation. To help you navigate the pathway for growth.

The effects of Covid and the global situation has been limiting and restricting in many ways. Neuro-pathways have been compromised so we have been forced into repeating patterns against our will.

The Central Nervous System will respond to a new environment and will need to feel nurtured and safe in these new experiences. The Abundance Retreat will be giving you the security of knowing how you can start to address these changes within, and effect changes from the outside.

There will be options to participate in our yoga classes, breathwork coaching, How to stay well with in workshops and experience share circles, or quite simply take your time to relax by the pool, immerse yourself in nature and allow the jungle to bathe you in the magic that only Bali can deliver.



is to create prescriptive programs , based on evidence-led practices, with an outcome for a sustainable improvement in lifestyle.

We understand through experience that not one size fits all. We walk the same path but see it through different eyes. We celebrate similarities and use this in our retreats to support each other as we guide you along this path of discovering the best version of yourself.

We deliver practices and workshops based in science and research that will lead you to a routine of inner reflection through breathwork, mindfulness, meditation and yoga. You will learn to develop an approach to a healthy mindset and how to build resilience when the going gets tough. 

The global environment under COVID has given us all challenges. Pain barriers have shifted, both mentally, spiritually and physically.  Pain is a stimulus to change, without it we have no growth, It’s a message from the universe to do something different. 

But where do you start to figure out what to do and how to do it? Our retreat can start by giving you a baseline of where you are and where you can go.

‘Rest in the Moment.'

Retreat itinerary

Our 7 day retreat is designed to give you just the right balance of rest and relaxation, with a blend of self discovery and personal growth, in an environment of making friends and sharing new experiences.

You can choose to join in with as much or as little as you choose.

We offer a carefully curated time table of classes, workshops and cultural experiences as well as down time to process and reflect on all you learn and experience.

There is also time to take advantage of the added spa treatments, chakra readings, sound healing, reiki healing and local sight seeing or shopping.

Each day takes a different theme or focus.

THE DAYS (sample)



Arrival Lunch. - Welcome Circle. - Gift bag with workbook. - Introductions. - Time by the pool. - Release & Unwind Yoga. - Evening dinner. - Social time. 10pm Lights out.



Morning Yoga. - Breakfast - Workshop - Lunch. - Pool or Social time. - Afternoon Yoga - Dinner - Social Time- 10pm Lights out.



Morning Yoga. - Breakfast. - Water Ceremony.- Pool time. - Lunch. - Workshop - Yin Yoga -Dinner - Social Time - 10pm Lights out.



Morning Yoga - Smoothies to go- Day trip to Ubud - Restorative yoga - Dinner - social time - 10pm lights out.



Morning Agni Fire Ceremony. - Breakfast. - Social time/Pool. - Lunch.- Workshop. - Flow Yoga. - Dinner - Social time- 10pm Lights out



Detox yoga- Breakfast- Social time/pool-Lunch-Temple Visit- Flex & Feel Yoga. Celebration Dinner.

Your Week


Accommodation.- -3 meals a day. - Afternoon tea. - All yoga. - All activities. - All workshops. Included. $2250



Closing practice and Tap out. Take your tools and start to build your path.


February 18th - 24th.

Get in touch for early bird rates and bring a friend discounts.



Our Retreat is being hosted at  Subak Tobola in Sideman, nestled in the foothills of Mount Agun. Each room is housed in a tradition Balinese style villa with private terraces and outdoor seating overlooking the mountains, jungle, rice fields or gardens.

You can enjoy an outdoor Bath (its very normal in Bali to have a cool bath, so beware! You may not be sinking into a hot bath.) I have a funny story about that!….. I will tell you when we are there…. and an outdoor shower while you wash with nature! Quite literally.  You can expect comfort and convenience while still being part of the local experience.

Each room sleeps 2 guests and the beds have a mosquito net while we provide lavender oil and magnesium powder for that needed sleep tonic. ( you can book for single occupancy.)

Our morning practice will take us to a rooftop yoga shala with a view of the valley, maybe watching the sunrise for the early birds. The afternoon and evening practice will take us to the modern air conditioned purpose built yoga shala. You will find this after a delightful walk through the gardens.

Subak Tobola

Subak Tobola is owned and run by Mama Ati, Mama is a high priestess in the hindi belief. She runs the property from her heart and turns everything back to the community.

Every morning or evening you will hear her ( if you don’t see her) making her offering in the powerful fire ceremony.

She runs 2  residential properties and she provide's the local village with a children’s school for the children to continue to learn all the balinese traditions. They learn to make the offerings you will see around the property every day, they learn the cultural dances and how to play instruments..

During your stay here we will visit the school and participate with the children as they teach us what they learn.

She will also led the unique water ceremony at the propery. This is an experience of rebirth as the ladies chant around you. Giving you the chance to let go of all that is old to make space for the new that is coming. 



Food is possibly the most important factor when it comes to making a decision on booking a trip! For me personally I want to see it, smell it and taste it! 

For the most part the food is farm to table here, grown on the property and prepared honestly in the kitchens. A mix of traditional home recipes and international versions.  Who can beat fresh organic ingredients?

Homestyle is a feature of local balinese villages and the service style is buffet. We also have an A la carte menu just in case there is something else you really fancy.  You must let us know about any special dietary requirements.

Getting to the supermarket will not be quite so easy !



Team Member

Mary Bugg, Founder

Mary is our founder of Abundance life LLP (registered in London.), Lead therapist and teacher for Abundance retreats. Click here to read more.

Team Member

Megan, Teaching you Yoga in Bali.

Meet Megan, She is the founder of Yogatrotter Academy. She has trained more than 600 yoga teachers in Bali! She is so excited to join us on retreat. Click here to read more.

Team Member

Grayson. Your Bali yoga teacher

Grayson found the answer to heal her back injury after 2 decades of intense dance training, Click here to read more